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Easter Activities


Steve Zhou & Rico Melara

Steve Zhou - Steve is from Zhongshan, China. In his first experience with Easter activities he said "It was a delightful first time. I knew I could win the musical chairs!" He then spoke on his overall experience at ILTexas, and what he loved most. "The camping trip and the Christmas party. The events are always full of excitement. I played the drums for the school in a Spring performance. I was very proud of myself."

Frederico Melara - Rico and Steve have been friends for a while, bonding over their passions for music and photography. "We have the same band class." As far as Easter activities go, "It was fun. I hurt myself a little in the sack races, but that's part of the fun!" When asked about having International Students in the school, Rico thoughts were, "It's so fun! I get to learn new languages and cultures, and make a bunch of new friends. There's a lot to learn."

Minsuh Kim

Minsuh Kim is from Korea. "I didn't think I would win." But miraculously she won by falling over the finish line with her arm extended. She took home the prize!




Hueree Lim

Hueree Lim is from Korea. She was focused throughout the entire egg race. When asked on her thoughts, she said "I thought I could win. I was proud."